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4 Things the Gospel Does

Conversion Evidence of Salvation Gospel Power The Gospel

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Jesus' Terms of Discipleship

Cost True Christians

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Are You Prepared to Die?

Death Divine Judgment Eternity

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What You Must Know, Believe, and Do Before You Die

Death Divine Judgment Eternity

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Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Divine Judgment Propitiation Wrath of God

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Getting Your Gospel Grammar Straight


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Repent or Perish: The Necessity of Repentance – Part 1

Gospel Proclamation Repentance The Gospel

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Repent or Perish: The Nature of Repentance – Part 2

Gospel Proclamation Repentance The Gospel

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Repent or Perish: The Substance of Repentance – Part 3

Gospel Proclamation Repentance The Gospel

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Repent or Perish: The Fruit of Repentance – Part 4

Gospel Proclamation Repentance The Gospel

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8 Reasons Why Christians Must Avoid the Passion Movie

Pictures of Jesus Roman Catholicism Second Commandment

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God's Word to America: Introduction – Part 1


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God's Word to America: Unrequited Blood of the Murdered – Part 2

Abortion America Capital Punishment Justice Murder

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God's Word to America: Unrestrained Sensuality and Sexual Perversion – Part 3 New!

Adultery America Fornication Homosexuality Sensuality

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God's Word to America: Horrible Religious Apostasy – Part 4 New!

America Apostasy Evangelicalism State of Current Church

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Discriminating Applicatory Preaching New!

Applicatory Preaching Conviction of Sin Duty of Pastors Preaching Sermon Application

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