# Sermon
1 Repent or Perish: The Necessity of Repentance – Part 1

Albert Martin proves from Holy Scripture that it is absolutely necessary for one to come to repentance if he is to avoid perishing everlastingly.

2 Repent or Perish: The Nature of Repentance – Part 2

Albert Martin explains from Scripture the answer to the question, "What is repentance unto life?"

3 Repent or Perish: The Substance of Repentance – Part 3

Albert Martin explains how true, Spirit-wrought repentance always consists of genuine sorrow and hatred of sin, a sincere turning from sin to God, and a holy endeavor after obedience to God.

4 Repent or Perish: The Fruit of Repentance – Part 4

Albert Martin shows from Scripture that everyone who professes faith in Christ has the duty to bring forth fruits of repentance which validate their claim, and that these fruits are the inevitable evidence of God's gracious working in the soul.