# Sermon
1 God's Word to America: Introduction – Part 1

Albert Martin demonstrates from Scripture that it is indeed proper for a minister of the gospel to address a word for the nation, because of four fundamental facts clearly asserted in the Word of God: God's sovereign rule over the nations, God's righteous judgment of the nations, God's unrivaled right to address the nations, and God's establishment of the principle that individuals stand in solidarity with the nations of which they are a part.

2 God's Word to America: Unrequited Blood of the Murdered – Part 2

Albert Martin shows how Scripture deals with the issue of murder and the unrequited blood of the innocent slain, and then issues a scathing indictment from the Word of God against America as a land polluted and stained with an ocean of innocent blood.

3 God's Word to America: Unrestrained Sensuality and Sexual Perversion – Part 3

Albert Martin shows how God has been moved to great wrath against the sins of sensuality and sexual perversion and then indicts America as a nation that has shamelessly sold itself to these sins.

4 God's Word to America: Horrible Religious Apostasy – Part 4

Albert Martin decries the apostasy that is pervasive throughout the nation and also within the vast majority of evangelical churches.