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  • True Christians are committed to an uncompromising, comprehensive obedience to God's Word (3:30)
  • True Christians are pressured by the Bible, not society's "must see" climate (4:04)
  • A Christian is one who claims to have a conscience bound by God's Word (4:40)
  1. This film's dominant preoccupation with the physical brutality of the sufferings of Jesus is inconsistent with the Bible's emphasis upon the reality and dominant nature of His spiritual sufferings (5:30)
  2. This film's detailed depiction of the death of Jesus is an unwarranted reenactment and representation of His death (11:55)
  3. This film is a radical and arrogant substitute for God's ordained medium of presenting Christ crucified to a sinful world (17:05)
  4. This film produces a plethora of spurious spiritual experiences (24:30)
  5. This film undermines the biblical doctrine of the absolute sufficiency of Scripture (30:30)
  6. This film promotes an undiscerning ecumenical climate (39:10)
  7. This film sanctions the blasphemy of portraying the sinless God-man by a sinful actor (43:00)
  8. The film constitutes a blatant violation of the Second Commandment (47:37)

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