Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.


  • Apostasy — to fall away; to depart from the recognition and submission of and to certain fundamental biblical truths and principles. Apostasy assumes that one has been in a condition of belief and practice from which one has now departed. (2:49)
  • Humanism — a modern, non-theistic, rationalist movement that holds that man is capable of self-fulfillment, ethical conduct, etc., without resource to supernaturalism (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary) (27:10)
    • Non-theistic — it rules out God
    • Rationalistic — you go no further than yourself
    • An approach to life which says everything we need to know about all basic questions of life (who I am, how I should behave, how I can find meaning in life, etc.) can be attained without going out of ourselves to God
    • A closed system in which man is both the center and circumference of all reality
  • Religious liberalism — the situation in which so-called Christian churches and denominations reject everything that is distinctively biblical Christianity while still holding the name, forms, and rituals of Christianity (32:45)

The Horrible Nature of Religious Apostasy (2:26)

  • The second great mountain of our national sins is to be found in our sins of falling away from the principles of revealed religion (3:34)
  • God abhors with holy detestation and righteous indignation the turning away from light and privilege—either of general or special revelation (3:57)
    • Apostasy from general revelation (4:22)
      • Romans 1:18-24
      • God so detests and abhors those who turn from the worship of God, according to the light of general revelation, to the worship of idols, that He gives them over to the lusts of their hearts, until they destroy themselves
    • Apostasy from special revelation (5:19)
      • God detests apostasy from special revelation all the more
      • This apostasy is not merely a turning away from the light given in creation, but from the light of His own revealed Word
      • The history of the nation of Israel reflects the divine hatred and detestation of those who turn from the light and privilege of special revelation (6:12)
        • Jeremiah 25:3-9 (6:43)
        • In the Old Testament, God's detestation and anger culminated in the captivity of the people in Babylon
        • In the New Testament, God's detestation and anger culminated in the utter destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD
        • God left the house of Israel a place of desolation and destruction owing to their apostasy (Luke 19:41-44) (9:30)
        • Paul declared that wrath has come upon the apostate nation of Israel "to the uttermost" (1 Thessalonians 2:13-16)

God's Sovereignty in Providentially Granting Light to Certain Nations (10:35)

  • God determines where His word goes among the nations (11:01)
    • The Holy Spirit did not allow the apostle Paul to enter a whole new area for gospel witness, but directed him elsewhere (Acts 16:6-10) (11:25)
  • America has been a recipient of a sovereign act of God in bringing to this land a tremendous privilege of gospel light with unusual intensity:
    • The complete Scriptures in her own language
    • The visible church greatly multiplied
    • The proclamation of the Word of God
    • Institutions framed by the Word of God
    • The influence of the gospel and special revelation impacting the life and experience of the nation

America's History Features Tremendous Gospel Light (12:46)

  • America was blessed with a heritage saturated in special revelation 150 years before the Declaration of Independence
    • Puritan forefathers arrived on America's shores in 1620 (13:18)
    • The heart of Puritanism was the desire to live in the fear of Almighty God and to incorporate biblical perspectives in every area of private, family, community, and national life
    • These Puritan forefathers longed to carve out an identity and a social, political, and national experience that would reflect that all of life must be lived under the eye of the God of the Bible (14:59)
  • America was blessed with the influence of gospel preachers like George Whitefield (15:27)
  • Through the ministry of these men, America was led to the feet of a pierced Christ
  • America was blessed with denominations of churches that have acted as light and salt upon every facet of her national life (17:13)

Forsaking the Living Fountain for Broken Cisterns (18:40)

  • Jeremiah 2:11-13 (19:03)
  • Pagans can be counted on for consistency in the worship of their false gods, but apostates do what even pagans don't: change their gods
  • Illustration of the insanity of apostasy (21:12, 22:18)
  • God declares that apostasy is madness and folly (24:56)

Broken Cisterns of America (26:47)

  1. Decadent Humanism (27:02)
    • See aforementioned definition of humanism
    • Man's own mind, instead of God and His Word, is made the measure of all reality (30:02)
      • Humanism tells us that we can find out who we are, why we're here, what's right and wrong, by having no recourse to the supernatural—it is all within ourselves!
      • The truth is we must look to God our Creator to give us all of these answers, which are found in His Word and commandments
    • Man's own ability is made the measure of possibility for what to expect from man (31:15)
  2. Deceptive Religious Liberalism (32:24)
    • See aforementioned definition of liberalism
    • Liberalism has jettisoned the infallibility of the Bible (33:20)
      • The infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible has been rejected; the Bible is no longer viewed as the deposit of the revealed mind of God
      • The Bible is viewed as a fallible, error-ridden, pathetic account of man's developing and changing religious consciousness
    • Liberalism has jettisoned the depravity of man (33:55)
      • Man is no longer viewed as essentially and fundamentally evil
    • Liberalism has jettisoned the supernatural Savior (34:26)
      • The Savior is no longer viewed as the God-man
    • Liberalism has jettisoned the heart of the gospel (35:09)
      • Liberalism denies penal substitution—the wrath of God being vented upon His Son
      • When Jesus cried, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" (Matthew 27:46), liberalism not only has no answer to that question, but doesn't even approach or listen to it (36:19)
    "Alas in our day … millions in our nation every Sunday are put to sleep and lulled in the lack of deception until they will land in hell by the broken cistern of deceptive liberalism!" — Albert Martin (37:42)
  3. Demonic Occultism and Astrology (38:41)
    • Deuteronomy 18:9-12 explicitly condemns all occultism
      • The non-covenanted nations of Canaan that were never under the law of Moses are said to have been vomited out of the land as a result of indulging in these sins! (40:34)
      • All non-covenanted nations are to know from general revelation that the God whose power and divinity are clearly revealed to all men expressly prohibits occultism!
    • 2 Kings 17:14-18 condemns astrology (41:01)
    • The astrologist Jeane Dixon rises to fame in America, leading the nation into what will bring the judgment of God upon it (41:22)
    • Americans have lost the ability to feel horror that our free press propagates the abomination of the demonic occult and astrology (42:06)
    • America has become a nation that is given over to the occult—millions of Americans turn to astrology before they have their first cup of coffee (42:27)
    • Ouija boards are sold by the millions (42:51)
    • Satan cults are being established by the scores, and Satan worship is becoming a matter of public discussion and books are being written to initiate men and women and boys and girls into the marvelous world of Satan worship!
  4. Weak, Man-centered, Flesh-pleasing, Fad-conforming, Self-flattering Evangelicalism (46:04)
    • An evangelicalism marked by a professed adherence to an infallible Bible, a supernatural Savior, and man as a sinner in need of supernatural grace, but the message preached and the climate in which it is preached negates the profession that is adhered to! (47:41)
    • Health, wealth, and prosperity—filthy, rotten, abominable heresy! (48:23, 50:19)
    • The charismatic movement, by and large, is nothing but thumb-sucking religious self-gratification preached in the name of the baptism of the Holy Ghost! (50:31)
      • This is not a blanket condemnation of all charismatics
      • What does babbling in your closet and in public have to do with poverty of spirit, mourning for sin, hungering and thirsting for righteousness?
    • Decadent evangelicalism that is a stranger to holy mourning and poverty of spirit and which lacks the cutting edge of clear denunciation of our national sins of the prevailing sins of the evangelical community (51:13)
      • Scripture says there is a time to laugh and a time to weep (Ecclesiastes 3:4) (51:48)
        • Yet this evangelicalism has no place for weeping!
        • It lives in morbid dread lest it should give the slightest impression to the world that Christianity is anything other than happy smiles from morning until night!
      • This foolish evangelicalism lives in mortal dread that anybody should find us sober! (52:16)
    • The utterly compromised message of this decadent evangelicalism
      1. It lacks the cutting edge of a clear denunciation of the prevailing sins of the evangelical community and of the nation (48:06, 51:13)
      2. It lacks a clarion call to deep and thorough repentance (52:27)
        • It says if you merely admit this or that and do this, you're in!
        • No waiting for any evidence that God has plowed a man's heart and shown him his sins that sickens him enough to vomit it out!
        • Current evangelicalism knows nothing of genuine repentance in which the sins once relished are now vehemently rejected with disgust!
      3. It lacks a call to radical discipleship (53:30)
        • No call to cross-bearing, self-denial, plucking out eyes and cutting off hands
        • It calls to a life of simply "trust Jesus" and all is well!
        • The best evangelical magazines are given over to the cult of materialism! (54:10)
        • This evangelicalism takes the half-converted football player and the moment he twitches a finger in the direction of Jesus, rushes him up to the platform and thinks that the glory of Christ needs his broad shoulders and bulging neck! (54:33)
        • This evangelicalism allows into its ranks those who refuse to repent of vile and polluted mouths and of defiance to the holy law of God
        • A proper way to counsel one who expresses interest in becoming a Christian (56:05)
        • The apostasy of this evangelicalism that is afraid to call people to a life of radical discipleship! (58:09)
    • The utterly compromised climate of the church life of this decadent evangelicalism (58:21)
      • That which characterized the New Testament church: the presence of God! (58:29)
        • Great fear came upon all the church (Acts 5:11)
        • The disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Ghost (Acts 13:52)
        • They were all of one accord (Acts 2:1; 5:12)
        • No man dared join himself to them (Acts 5:13)
        • The Lord added such as should be saved (Acts 2:47)
        • They were walking in the fear of God and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost, and the disciples were multiplied(Acts 9:31)
      • What is our decadent evangelicalism marked by now? (59:15)
        • The mentality that when sinners come in, we should make them feel comfortably at ease
        • Ministers essentially stand up and say, "We're all just a lovely bunch of people!"
        • The great majority of so-called "special music" in evangelical churches is nothing but entertainment
        • Evangelicals want to be entertained with the world's mood and with flabby, diluted lyrics that won't convict a flea!
      • The presence of God should be the dominant characteristic of our public gatherings (1:01:09)
        • The apostle Paul says when the unbeliever comes amongst you, the presence of God should strike him—he falls down on his face (1 Corinthians 14:25)! (1:00:46)
        • Exuberance of holy joy
        • Sober spirit of holy mourning
        • Intense spirit of rapt attention to the Word of God
        • These things rarely, if ever, enter the average evangelical church—as long as the bills are paid and everyone's happy, all is well! (1:01:58)
    • God has had enough of this compromised evangelical worship—just like He did with apostate Israel (Isaiah 1:10-17) (1:02:13)
      • The Word of God to the apostate evangelical world: away with all of your ceremonies and meetings! (1:03:07)
      • The first thing God would do if He will visit with revival—cleanse His temple! (1:03:32)
      "'My Father's house shall be a house of prayer'—intimate, vital, soul-communion with God! You've made it everything else! And sad to say, one can get almost anything he wants in the average evangelical church but the sense of the presence of God." — Albert Martin (1:04:27)

Application (1:04:59)

What do we do?

  • We cry to God, we start in our own hearts
  • Leaders start with their own fellow overseers
  • We start searching and trying our ways
  • We pray that God may yet send Jonah's to the Nineveh's of our land (1:05:22)