Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

Another of our greatest national sins is our unrestrained and unashamed abandonment to sensuality and sexual perversion. (4:58)

When any city or nation abandons itself with shamelessness to sensuality and sexual perversion, it calls down upon itself the frightening judgment of Almighty God. (6:43)


  • Fornication — from the Greek word porneia, used generally for all kinds of sexual impurity

Stages of degeneracy (17:15)

  1. Sin is tolerated
  2. Sin becomes acceptable, then contagious
  3. Sin becomes aggressively, militantly propagated

When perversity becomes public and shameless, that is the height of degeneracy! (37:37)

Testimony of Scripture

  • Genesis 18:20-21 (9:59)
    • The first time in Scripture where the language of sin crying to heaven is used is in Genesis 18 (8:28)
    • The word "cry" or "outcry" in this passage is the same Hebrew word found in Genesis 4:10
  • Genesis 19:1-13 (12:14)
    • The men of Sodom sought to enter into illicit, abominable homosexual practices (13:33)
    • God did to Sodom what He had never done before in human history: rained hell down out of heaven and destroyed the cities (15:22, 17:15, 18:58)
    • Deceivers falsely claim that the most aggravated sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was not homosexuality, but inhospitableness (15:37)
    • Jude 1:7 clearly declares that their sin, which brought God's judgment, was that they had "given themselves over to fornication and gone after strange flesh" (16:45)
    • Why does God hate it when men abandon themselves to sensuality and sexual perversion? (19:53)
      • Because men are made in His own image (Genesis 9:6)
      • Because God made distinctly male and female in His own image (20:21, 20:50, 21:27)
  • Leviticus 18 (23:10)
    • God forbids incest (24:12)
    • God forbids adultery and child sacrifice (24:44)
    • God forbids all forms of sexual perversion (25:34)
    • God declares that the pagan nations—which were neither under the Law of Moses nor covenanted with God—were defiled by the sexual sins condemned in the Law of Moses (27:30, 28:38)
    • National sins provoked God to bring national judgments! The Canaanites were vomited out of the land due to their defilements
    • As it was with Canaan, so it is now with America! (29:00)
    • God can cause the land to vomit out our nation as well by all sorts of ways, such as atomic war, foreign invasion, or civil war (30:13)
  • Romans 1 (32:12)
    • Not only is there divine wrath coming, but the wrath of God has already been revealed (32:34)
    • Men have rejected the light of general revelation, and God has in turn acted in judgment—giving men over to their depraved lusts (33:41)
    • We are told today that society has been "enlightened" with "sexual liberation" (34:50)
      • Even evangelical leaders, such as Virginia Mollenkott and Nancy Hardesty, claim that homosexuality is a viable Christian lifestyle (35:36)
    • Romans 1:26-27 tells us where the AIDS problem came from (36:59)
    • Jeremiah 6:15 — those who are unashamed have a whore's forehead (38:15)

Examples of America's shameless degeneracy (40:36)

  • America has gone beyond the stage of toleration and is now in the stage of acceptance—Albert Martin said this in 1983; America seems now to be in the stage of aggressive propagation (30:55)
  • America has a whore's forehead, having lost the ability to be ashamed! (39:25)
  • America's abandonment to sensuality and perversion is her national sin, it ought to be her national shame, and it brings the nation to the brink of further judgments from Almighty God (39:53)
  • So-called intelligent, educated men advocate utterly shameful behavior (40:58)
  • That no one turns off their television sets; no marching to the studios and demanding retractions (41:39)
  • Homosexual perverts openly identify themselves and gather in groups and causes and march through our streets (42:02)
  • Do not call homosexuals "gay," call it "sodomy," for they are not gay, but have the misery of a tortured conscience, and hell awaits them (42:35)
  • Fornication and adultery are a way of life in all avenues of our entertainment—movies, television, music (43:14)
  • Male and female virginity is laughed at and mocked (43:36)
  • Multi-billion dollar pornography industry
  • Pornographic videos and literature given to children in schools
  • Openly flaunted exposed flesh and immodest apparel everywhere
  • America has sold itself to sensuality and perversion! (45:02)

Application (45:24)

If this is our state, what can we do?

Individual (45:42)

  • Those who are secretly bound by the chains of sexual perversion (45:42)
    • Many, including preachers, have failed to withstand the lascivious climate
    • Many, including preachers, are addicted to pornography (46:41)
      • Pastors: can you preach on these sins with a clear conscience? You may have kept your addiction from your wife, but God sees it! Come out of that wall of hypocrisy and have dealings with God! (1:05:18
    • 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (48:37)
      • The first Word of God to you is this: Don't listen to what you are being told by the so-called experts in America! Don't be deceived!
      • Either those chains are broken, or you will go to hell—no matter if you call yourself a Christian! (49:54, 50:22)
      • So long as these chains remain, there is no hope for you—no hope while you defy God's norms of sexual purity! (51:59)
      "Don't listen to the so-called evangelical experts who tell you that self-abuse is a viable Christian activity or that 'responsible, committed, loving' homosexual or lesbian practice is a viable Christian expression of lifestyle! The Word of God says, 'Don't be deceived!' … Those patterns of life are utterly inconsistent with being an heir of the kingdom." — Albert Martin (50:44)
      "You will not go to heaven with those chains of uncleanness and perversion; you will sink into Hell!" — Albert Martin (51:12)
    • 1 Corinthians 6:11 (51:59)
      • "Such were some of you" — something has happened, and they are no longer like what they were (52:50)
      • The power of the Gospel, setting free those bound by chains (53:23)
      • There is hope for you, but it is not in trying to silence your conscience. Your hope is in coming to the Lord Jesus in faith and repentance (55:35)
  • Those who have been spared and kept from the chains of sexual perversion (51:22)
    • Do not be deceived when temptation comes, and when you are bombarded from the radio, television, and peers!
    • If you are tempted to take the first step in the direction of sensuality and perversion, it will be the path that will chain you and take you to hell!
    • Teenagers—determine by God's grace to be a Daniel, and do not defile yourself with the sins of your companions (1:04:28)

Collective (56:33)

  1. Pray
    • The greatest thing you can do is stop playing games with free time
    • Ask God to make you a Jacob, an Israel, one who knows how to wrestle with God in prayer
    "The greatest thing you can do is to cry mightily to the God who alone can turn away this terrible tidal wave of uncleanness." — Albert Martin
  2. Stop Participating
    • If your prayers are sincere, you will stop participating in the darkness (Ephesians 5:11) (57:42)
    • Stop watching filthy movies and television and making excuses for the sins that are shown in them! (58:06)
    • We should be appalled at what so-called "Reformed Christians" watch and allow their children to watch—which causes their consciences to grow dull to the high standards of morality, sanctity, and purity (58:41)
    • Christian fathers must determine to serve the Lord with their whole house (59:11)
      • Do not be deferred by the complaints of your children—do not cooperate with the devil to send your children to hell in this sea of sensuality!
      • Have the spiritual fortitude to enforce the Lord's standards of morality and sanctity
      • If you cannot exercise a godly control over the television, get rid of it and determine never to have it in your home again!
    • Christian women must stop soaking up the sordid, filthy soap operas, where they fantasize and enter into the sexual escapades presented on screen (1:06:05)
  3. Exercise Legitimate Influence (59:58)
    • Every legitimate influence consistent with our gospel priorities
    • Every legitimate influence consistent with our civil liberties
    • Beware, for Satan loves to get people pursuing all sorts of causes which detract from gospel priorities (1:00:36)