Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.


  • Righteousness — conformity to the revealed will of God (1:58); sensitivity and submission to the great overarching demands of morality as expressed in the law of God (5:48)
  • Sin — departure from the norms established by the revealed will of God (3:15)
  • Requite — to pay someone back, generally in kind (13:06)
  • Unrequited blood — the blood of murdered people that has not been paid back in kind—according to the clearly revealed will of God (13:06)
    • By God's appointment (Genesis 9:6), blood spilled in wanton, willful murder can only be requited by taking the life of the murderer (14:18)
  • Manslaughter — the accidental killing (not murder) of a human being (26:53)

God's Word to America at this hour (7:18)

  • Only present righteousness exalts a nation (5:48)
    • Not the perceived righteousness of bygone generations
    • America was never a "Christian" nation
    • Present sin—national sin and sin as a way of life—is a reproach and a disgrace to any people, regardless of their past (6:46)
  • It is a word of rebuke and denunciation for aggravated national sins
  • It is a word of summons to repentance and reformation, if she is to avoid the crushing judgment of Almighty God
  • "Righteousness exalts a nation"—the righteousness that requites the blood of the innocent slain and protects the blood of helpless, unborn children!; "Sin is a reproach to any people"—the sin of unrequited blood! (1:02:15)
"What is God's Word to our nation? I say, without any reservation, on the basis of the Word of God, it is a word of rebuke and condemnation; it is a word that summons us to repent of this sin of unrequited blood!" — Albert Martin (50:51)

The sins of a nation are like a mountain range (8:11)

  • "Foothill" sins
  • "Ordinary mountains" of iniquity
  • The mighty peaks of towering mountains jutting high above the ordinary mountains
    • These, above all others, cry to God for judgment (10:20)
    • If not averted by national repentance, these will inevitably bring the nation to destruction.
  • America's two mighty, towering mountains of iniquity (11:04)
    1. Putrid Moral Degeneracy — this mountain has two peaks: (12:10)
      • The unrequited blood of the murdered multitudes
        • Nothing brings us closer to national judgment of the worst kind than the unrequited blood of murdered multitudes (12:40)
        • This sin, above all others, is that which cries loudest to heaven for the vengeance of Almighty God (13:35)
      • Unrestrained abandonment to sensuality and sexual perversion
    2. Horrible Religious Apostasy (Next sermon)

How the Scriptures deal with unrequited blood (14:18)

  • Cain and Abel — Genesis 4:8-10 (14:48)
    • The first murder ever perpetrated upon the face of the earth
    • A violent, wanton, deliberate, high-handed act of murder
    • The blood of Abel cried out to God (17:08)
    • Unrequited blood of the murdered cries to heaven for the intervention of Almighty God in judgment! (18:57)
  • Capital punishment divinely instituted — Genesis 9:5-6 (19:28)
    • God Himself requires the blood of the murderer, and He works by the instrumentality of man in requiring it via capital punishment (21:02, 21:38)
    • At this point in history, capital punishment would be carried out by the nearest of kin in the family of the one murdered
    • Man is made in the image of God, and there is no possible way to maintain the dignity of human life made in His image unless those who murder and take human life pay for it with the forfeiture of their own (22:18)
    • Those who oppose capital punishment despise and cheapen the dignity of man and the image of God borne by him (23:21, 24:05)
    • The divine institution of capital punishment predates the giving of the Mosaic Law (24:45)
  • Cities of refuge — Numbers 35:9-33 (26:53)
    • God was careful to protect manslayers (those not guilty of murder)
    • Manslayers were provided cities of refuge to which to flee for their protection from the avenger of blood, who would otherwise come to requite the blood of their slain relative
    • Blood pollutes the land! No expiation can be made for blood, except the blood of the murderer (29:18)
  • Careful distinction between manslayers and murderers — Deuteronomy 19:9-13 (31:03)
    • God was careful to provide legislation so that the mere manslayer would not be put to death for murder
    • There must not be a situation in the land where innocent blood is shed and remains unrequited
    • Actual murderers were to be immediately delivered up to capital punishment (33:24)
  • Provision when finding the murderer is impossible — Deuteronomy 21:1-9 (33:51)
    • The elders of the city nearest the place where the murder occurred were to break the neck of a heifer and pray for God to forgive the innocent blood (36:31)
    • The blood of the murdered cries for vengeance
  • The state is now responsible for carrying out capital punishment — Romans 13:1-4 (38:14)
    • Individual Christians are never to requite personal injuries on a personal basis (39:25)
    • God, however, has a totally different framework for the state—for it, unlike individual Christians, bears not the sword in vain
    • When self-confessed and duly-convicted murderers are not executed, the blood of the innocent slain cries to heaven for vengeance!
  • God is the great Inquisitor and Avenger of blood — Psalm 9:7-12 (51:10)
    • This passage is quoted by the apostle Paul in Acts 17:30-31
    • God makes inquisition for blood!
    • God will track down anyone who is guilty of blood and then requite it with His own hand!
  • Glorified saints in heaven also cry out for vengeance — Revelation 6:9-11 (52:50)
    • To demand innocent blood be requited by the death of the murderer is by no means contrary to the spirit of the gospel
    • The sinless, glorified spirits of just men made perfectly holy long for God to avenge innocent blood (55:49)
    • So also Christians, called to holiness, should share Christ's own holy passion for innocent blood to be requited according to God's appointment!


  • We ought to behold with horror that America is polluted and stained with innocent blood! (40:53)
    • Children and adults are wantonly murdered by the dozens every single day and self-confessed or duly-convicted murderers yet live!
    • America is drowned in an ocean of blood of the murder of unborn children in their mothers' wombs! (44:20)
      • It was reported that in 1982 there were 1,500,000 registered state-condoned murders in mothers' wombs in America!
      • The surgeon with his sterile gloves and suction tube, along with the consenting mother, agree together to slay innocent life in the life-support system of the womb (47:21)
      • America calls it "fetal tissue," "termination of pregnancy," and "a woman's choice"—Almighty God calls it MURDER and the shedding of INNOCENT BLOOD
      • This generation lifts up an outcry and produces bumper stickers to protect animals, and yet with heartless, calculating brutality and cruelty, slays unborn life made in the image of God! (49:03)
      • This generation (at least back in 1983) rightly bewailed the Jewish Holocaust, in which 6,000,000 Jews were murdered, and yet we have long since exceeded that number in the slaying of unborn life! (50:19)
      "O the blood that cries from the trash bins of our sterile operating rooms! O the blood that cries from the soaked sterile rags in the Dempsey dumpsters at the back of our hospitals!" — Albert Martin (45:16)
  • Christian, if it hasn't gripped you, it better, because if anything will move God to destroy a nation, it is the blood of the helpless, innocent, unprotected unborn slain in their mothers' wombs! (48:22)
    "I do not fear all the military might of 1,000 nations that are set against us! I fear the God who in righteousness will requite innocent blood upon every land that is stained with it!" — Albert Martin (1:00:13)
  • Clarification for those who are guilty (56:35)
  • Christian, you better take this doctrine of the Word of God seriously, and begin to think of your land as a land stained with blood! (57:47)
    • I was running on a beautiful day on a back-country road, and saw quiet, peaceful, beautiful fields. They are not what they appear to be—those very fields are stained with blood, and they cry to heaven for vengeance! (58:05)
  • Start crying to heaven and pleading with God to pour out His Holy Spirit upon preachers of His gospel, that they would proclaim these truths into the conscience of their communities and of the nation (58:45)
  • Pray for those who sit in seats of government, including the Supreme Court, Congress, and the President—that God would fill them with dread for unrequited blood
  • It is time you stop playing, flittering away hours in front of your television! (1:00:23)
    • Give yourself to prayer
    • Write to elected officials
    • Band together with other believers to cry to God to purge our land of unrequited blood
    • Above all, cry out to God to pour out His Spirit upon our churches, that multitudes would again be brought to true, evangelical conviction, repentance, and faith, and submission to the Word of God, and that God would raise up men of stature to once again enunciate these truths in key places in our national life
  • What's your posture? May God bring us to a season of holy blushing that will lead to earnest prayer and sanctified, Spirit-directed, Scripturally-governed conduct, that the church may indeed be salt and light with respect to the sin that is our national reproach (1:03:08)